Introducing Cristina Jimenez, Share PLM’s Newest Partner

Share PLM Madrid meetup

I’m excited to welcome our new partner, Cristina Jimenez, to Share PLM

Cristina was Beatriz’s and my former coworker and part of our “PLM dream team” at the former Outotec (now Metso Outotec), where she led the plant’s PLM solution development. 

I first met Cristina in Frankfurt, Germany, seven years ago. Beatriz sold her on the idea of moving to Frankfurt for an internship on my team, and she joined us as an implementation manager.

Since we started Share PLM 4 years ago, we’ve tried many times to get Cristina on board. 

Although Cristina has entrepreneurial blood – her mum owns a hair salon, and her dad used to own a small construction company – she wasn’t prepared to leave her full-time job yet. 

She knows first hand that running a small business is like a rollercoaster ride: it’s scary and hard, but also a lot of fun! At long last,  we’ve finally persuaded Cristina to jump on our rollercoaster. We’re delighted to have you on our team, Cristina!

Meet Cristina Jimenez! 5 Fun Facts about Share PLM’s Newest Partner

#1 - She has a great vibe.

Cristina is one of those people that infects you with her positive energy, at work or anytime you’re around her.

She used to organize and run our user community events. She has a gift for creating energy.

#2 - She’s from Spain, although she now lives in France.

Cristina was born and raised in Mallorca, a small city in the Balearic Islands known for its beautiful coastline, limestone mountains, wineries, and stunning architecture.

Four years ago, she moved to Paris to work for Dassault Systèmes. She still lives in Paris and can cook an amazing quiche Lorraine. She speaks fluent French.

#3 - She’s a bit of a nerd.

Cristina is also a hardcore PLM person. She worked at Dassault Systèmes for the past four years as a system architect and oversaw the development of the plant solution for the former Outotec when she was on my team. 

She studied aeronautical engineering at the same university that Beatriz and I studied at, as well. 

And she’s into jazz music and board games. 

#4 - She’s a working mum.

Her son, Luca, was born only 2 days after my son Elias. There’s a great opportunity for working mums to stay relevant in today’s digital economy, and at Share PLM we’ve created a team and flexible schedule that helps moms balance work and family.

#5 - She designed Share PLM’s logo.

Five years ago, we had the idea of launching a blog to share our experiences, tips, and templates with like-minded PLM people.

Cristina went on to design our logo, but she left for Dassault Systèmes four years ago when I started Share PLM. 

So what’s next for Share PLM with Cristina on board?

Cristina complements Beatriz’s and my personalities very well. I am a product and strategy person. Beatriz is very practical and grounded – she can really make things work. 

Cristina brings in the commercial side that Bea and myself sometimes lack.

But perhaps the most important contribution that Cristina will offer the team is perspective. 

Beatriz and I have found ourselves falling into a loop in the past year – overthinking certain things and not being as decisive in our decision making. While some planning and strategy is very beneficial, too much can do more harm than good.

With Cristina, we hope to share the burden of decision making and move forward with energy and confidence! I trust that the tight bond that we have with one another will be a recipe for growth and success!

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